The first 5 years of a child’s life are crucial in laying down the necessary foundations for their future learning and life skills. At Building Blocks Day Nurseries, we ensure that the children in our care embark on a fun, stimulating and joyous learning journey they will cherish for years to come. 
We value and celebrate individuality and our dedicated management team and staff practitioners skilfully prepare activities that are tailored to your child’s unique needs and interests. 
We use a balance of child-initiated and adult-led learning and our staff champion our young learners to exercise key learning behaviours; play and exploration, actively engaging in learning, creativity and critical thinking, these are essential for children to achieve the best outcomes.
The 3 Prime areas are:
Communication and Language
Our dedicated staff create rich language environments that are purposely designed to develop children’s language skills. In these environments we nurture speaking, listening and understanding skills. 
Physical development
Children in our care are provided with countless opportunities to develop hand-eye coordination, precision, control, core strength, spatial awareness and an understanding of healthy food choices.
Personal, Social and emotional development
We support children to form secure and healthy attachment bonds and relationships whilst they learn to understand and manage their emotions, feelings and those of others. Through developing a good sense of self, children grow in confidence leading them to live healthy and happy lives.
The specific areas of learning are:
Children are provided with a wide range of books and exciting activities to ignite a love for reading. The foundations of reading and writing are laid through creating a link between letters and sounds. 
Children are given opportunities to develop counting skills, the ability to recognise numbers, and understanding of shapes, space and measure. 
Understanding the world 
Our little explorers are given opportunities to explore the physical world and their community. We provide exciting opportunities for children to observe, find out about people, places and their environment. 
Expressive arts and design
Creativity cultivates mental growth by allowing children to try new ideas and new ways of thinking. We promote expressive arts and design through art, design and technology, roleplay, singing, music and movement sessions. 

Key person

Your child will be assigned a key person who will ensure that their care is tailored to meet their individual needs. The key person will develop a secure bond with your child which will lay the foundations and skills to support future relationships.
We believe that a good relationship between the nursery and the home setting is important for your child. The key person will share information to parents about their child’s progress, Our staff are welcoming, friendly and approachable, so please feel free to speak with them or ask them questions at anytime should you need to.
We follow the revised Early Years Foundation Stage, (EYFS)Framework which sets the standards for promoting the learning , development and safety of children from birth to 5. 
The EYFS Framework consists of 3 prime areas and 4 specific areas. We spend time nurturing the development of the 3 prime areas for our youngest children as these form the foundations in achieving success in specific areas.