Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Mealtimes are a good occasion for learning table etiquette and independence. We encourage children to get involved with food preparation, setting the table, serving food and to enjoy the social occasion.
Healthy food choices
We are extremely lucky to have qualified chefs who create a variety of healthy, nutritious and scrumptious meals on site. We continuously speak to children about the importance of making healthy food choices and we lead by example by offering  inclusive menus that have  been carefully constructed with the guidance of a registered dietician. Our chefs are happy to work with parents if your child has any specific dietary requirements.  
Click the links below if you would like more information on healthy eating or if you would like some healthy recipes to make at home. (ADD LINKS)

Keeping active

Keeping active strengthens bones, muscles, hearts and lungs. It also improves a child’s coordination, balance, posture, flexibility and helps with maintaining a healthy weight. Scientific evidence suggests that playing outside improves the overall health and well-being of children. Our safe and secure environments, both outdoor and indoor, contain a wide range of fun age-appropriate educational toys and resources where exploration, creativity and problem-solving skills will be nurtured. 

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